Connected living

Canalside will connect you with much more than you might expect. When prize-winning architects combine with forward-thinking developers to design real homes for real people, the resulting links to nature, technology, community, sustainable living, and transport are no accident. They’re the result of years of consultation and design. Life’s better connected.

connected homes

Borrowing design details from the Arts & Crafts movement, Canalside connects the newest technology and nature ensuring a sustainable, beautiful environment not just for the people living here but for the huge variety of birds and other fauna that share the space.

Interior design of an apartment
Modern design kitchen
Modern bathroom design
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Ultrafast Broadband

Among the fastest broadband currently in the UK will help you work, rest and play.


Electric Car Charging

All new houses and many of the apartments created within Canalside will have the benefit of an EV charging point for our future travel needs.


Nature & Biodiversity

Green streets, tree-lined, biodiverse pedestrian corridors with links to the canal and heathland.


On-site Support

An on-site management team will help ensure the happiness and safety of everyone.


Energy Efficient

Eco-conscious, energy-efficient building design and construction practices. District Energy Network and Solar Energy Systems to help reduce your carbon footprint.


Great Community

A great sense of community - assisted by a new community centre, pre-school nursery, health centre, pharmacy and dentist’s surgery as well as units for shops and restaurants, with space for outdoor dining.


Communal Areas

As well as the developments parks, many of the apartment buildings will also benefit from private podium gardens for their residents to meet with friends and neighbours for a coffee.


Leisure Facilities

Places to socialise and play including a new leisure centre and 25 m pool. All-weather playing fields, tennis and netball courts.

connected to sustainability & nature

Low-carbon-energy building design, practices and philosophies will ensure minimal impact on the planet and reduced energy costs for residents.

Many of the homes found at Canalside will benefit from Air Source Heat pumps and solar energy will reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Channelling rainwater to nourish the ‘green street’ planting will add to the green credentials of the design.

All of the new homes and many of the apartments created within Canalside will have the benefit of an EV charging point for our future travel needs.

The provision of bat boxes and swift bricks designed to ensure wildlife residents continue to thrive.

A large central heathland park

connected to Technology

Work from home. Play and relax. Ultrafast broadband will be available to ensure whether you’re working from home, streaming the latest box sets or gaming with friends. You’ll always be connected.

connected through play

Leisure amenities include the Eastwood Leisure Centre with its 25m pool, five inside court sports hall, climate-controlled Studios and Gym. Floodlit 3G Football and grass pitches, Tennis & Netball courts. Well-equipped children’s play areas & Multi- purpose games area.

People having lunch
Street view of Canalside

connectedto Community

An open square will create a welcome ‘gateway’ to the development. A planned community centre will provide a pre-school nursery, health centre, pharmacy and dentists surgery.

There will be shops and restaurants, with space for outdoor dining to meet and relax with friends and neighbours. The planned parks will provide places to meet others.


  • Broadmere Primary Academy
  • Bishop David Brown Secondary School
  • Woking 6th Form College (3.5 miles)

On-site estate management will ensuring a smooth-running, safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.